Technical Theater

Elisha X Beston (EMC)


Stage Managing


Sweeney Todd                     Ellen Mahan                         Gateway Perf. Arts   Stage Manager

Footloose                              Susie Matthews                   Gateway Perf. Arts   Stage Manager

Seesaw                                 Deborah Mogford                Maddox Theatre       Stage Manager

No Exit                                   Adrianna Contreras                        Cheek Theatre         Stage Manager

Loves Labours Lost            Deborah Mogford                Maddox Theatre       Assistant Stage Manager


Costume Construction


Xanadu                                  Timm Adams                                   Rockford University

A Flea in Her Ear                 Deborah Mogford

Nunsense                             Timm Adams                                   Rockford University

Picnic                                     Deborah Mogford                Rockford University

2 By 5                                     Deborah Mogford                Edinburgh Fringe Festival (RUPA)

Company                              Jeff Hendry                            Rockford University

Antigone                                Deborah Mogford                Rockford University

Twentieth Century               Richard Raether                  Artists’ Ensemble Theatre

Seesaw                                 Deborah Mogford                Rockford University

Loves Labours Lost                        Deborah Mogford                Rockford University

Dogfight                                 Timm Adams                                   Rockford University

Babes in Arms                     Jeff Hendry                            Rockford University


Costume Design


Behind The Mask                Elisha Beston                      Rockford University


High School Technical Experience


United Nations Night                      Lynne Arrol                Stage Manager

Religious Extremists                      Lynne Arrol                Sound Designer

Pawnography                                   Lynne Arrol                Sound Board Operator

Iberlebn                                             Paul Stirling              Light Board Operator

Oh What a Lovely War                    Irene Malone                        Hair and Makeup


Special Skills


Chinese speaking, dance choreography, photography (headshots and show pictures portfolio:, piano, ukulele